5 Ways to Go Local When Designing Your Bank Branch—ReVive by Triad

Most of us have a favorite vacation spot. From that ice cream shop at the end of the street to the best beach in town, we know our happy place like the back of our hand. Yet, no matter how many times we’ve been there, we always grab something to take home. Why do we do this?

Having pieces of the places we love helps home feel more like home—and the same idea can work for bank branches. After all, why be in a cold office when you, your customers, and your employees could feel right at home?

Using local landmarks and history in your bank branch’s design strengthens your community presence. When done right, local-inspired designs enhance the experiences of your customers and employees, create a sense of community, and reinforce your brand values. Plus, new customers and employees will feel like they know you from the moment they walk through the door.

Here are five ways to add local flavor to your space and seamlessly blend them into your brand.



Who doesn’t love working with a view? Murals are a great way to link your branch to your community. Showcasing local landmarks, or that notorious pizza shop everyone and their brother frequents, adds familiarity to your space. And if an artist can incorporate your brand colors—all the better.

At ReVive by Triad, we often source artists and photographers who live in the same area as bank branches to add an extra level of genuineness. One of our favorite artists is Julie Borden of Juleez. She created a beautiful mural for Needham Bank‘s Mission Hill Branch that portrayed the surrounding town and company values of diversity in one beautiful mural.


City of Boston Credit Union Mural


Needham Bank Mural


Wakefield Co-operative Bank Melrose Branch Mural


Empire State Bank Mural



Using the work of local photographers is a great way to capture the true essence of your community. As a bank, you may not have grown up and/or lived in the town you work in. But local photographers know the most characteristic parts of the town—and exactly how to capture them.


Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Melrose Branch: Adding brand values on top of the landscape connects the branch to the town.


DCU Hudson Branch: Muted greys allow local landscapes to seamlessly blend into the brand.

Try adding photos to hallways, lobby areas, or office spaces to create variety in textures and colors when designing your bank branch.



Timelines help to not only honor the local community, but also show that you did your homework. When you take the time to research what sets your town apart, it highlights your brand’s dedication to serving the local community without you having to say a word. Even better if you can weave in the day your branch opened.

While on the topic of timelines, researching the town’s history is one of the most important parts of adding local flavor across the entire branch. After all, how else would you know when the first town fair took place? Or that the first train station was made of oak?

Check out this timeline we made for Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Melrose Branch. It features local history with tasteful art and effective positioning. Below it is a custom-built topographic table featuring a 3D town map.




Want to add local flavor without overwhelming your space? Window or glass frosts are ideal ways to subtly pay homage to the local community.

Check out this office frost we did for City of Boston Credit Union. It even works with the innovative lighting installations by DRL Architects to create an image of the Zakim Bridge from the credit union’s logo.




Accent pieces are sure to be showstoppers, so it’s crucial to use them strategically. From hand-painted instruments to topographic tables, accent pieces make customers stop and think. And they’re an optimal spot for placing marketing materials, too.


Hand-painted instrument for City of Boston Credit Union, courtesy of Julie Borden of Juleez.

Just like that old snow globe from New Hampshire that sits on your nightstand, creative pieces that reflect the community are must-haves when it comes to designing your bank branch. They remind customers and employees that you are the bank they know and love—even if they just met you.


Want to add local flavor to your branch? Contact ReVive by Triad today.