ReVive by Triad: Credit Union Success

So, you’re a credit union. You do great things, help tons of people, and have an impressive range of services. But, how do you let people know how amazing you are?

In spirit of the #ilovemycreditunion social media blitz happening on July 30th, we’re sharing four ReVive by Triad tips and tricks for credit union success. Because everyone should know your name—and remember it fondly.


One of the many positive things you could say about your credit union on July 30th.



For people in the banking and finance industry, the difference between a bank and a credit union is clear. But to those on the outside, the difference can be confusing.

The name “credit union,” itself is misleading. We’ve found many consumers often think they can’t join a credit union unless they are part of an actual union. However, that’s often not the case. So, spread the word: your doors are wide open.


Digital Federal Credit Union puts their members first—so that’s the first thing members see when they arrive at their Hudson, NH Branch.


We find outdoor signage at local branches and strategic copy across all channels can help with this goal. Outdoor signage attracts prospects in the local area and is a great opportunity for first impressions. Think of it this way: would you want to enter a blank building or one that says “Boston, come on in” in beautifully branded fonts and colors?

Speaking of “come on in,” how you invite prospects into your credit union matters. Take into consideration your overall brand voice. If you’re cheerful and motivational, maybe encourage prospects to achieve their goals with you. If you’re safe and calm, maybe something like “we’re here for you.” Any way you say it, letting prospects know they’re welcome opens more than one door to your success.



Okay, so you’ve managed to get the prospect through the physical/online door, but what’s going to make them stay? Support your trustworthy brand by showcasing your commitment to community.

One of the best ways to highlight your dedication to your members is to design your branch in reference to the local community. Photographs of well-known landmarks, a mural representing the community’s values, or pieces of local history are subtle ways to make your branch familiar, attractive, and trustworthy without blending in.


Art installation at City of Boston Credit Union’s Westland Avenue branch that is as “Uniquely Boston” as they are.


Another way is to showcase your community initiatives in a creative manner. If you fundraise, an eye-catching countdown clock on monitors or on your homepage can get members excited about working with or joining you. The goal of voicing your commitment to community is to call attention to the amazing differences you make while also strategically positioning your brand.



Your website may look modern and sleek, but if your physical branch is outdated, it’s not serving you as well as it should. Although many people are shifting their focus to the digital world, having a branded, modern, and interactive branch will help you make great first impressions—and keep relationships strong.


City of Boston Credit Union’s teller line welcomes members with sleek, impactful design.


Our clients often come to us wanting to revamp their brand, and we’ve accomplished their goals in a few ways. Interactive technology is a great way to engage members with your brand and keep them in the branch longer. Art installations can take your brand colors to the next level and create show stopping pieces that generate buzz. And, most importantly, having your logo front and center enhances recall and awareness even to those just passing by.



When you receive something valuable, you’re often told to keep it in a safe place. The same applies to prospects when choosing you as the credit union to take care of their finances. Establish your brand reputation to solidify a prospect’s trust in choosing you.

If you’ve been around for a while, tell your story. Humble beginnings and hard work are selling points members can relate to and will help them identify with your brand. An “About Us” page can help to accomplish this goal, as well as customer testimonials and promotional materials.

Digital Federal Credit Union’s teller line displays their values for new and current members to see.


If you’re new, define who you are right now and where you want to be in the future. Having a vision helps prospects visualize their future with you and lets them know that you’re planning for the future just like they are. It’s also helpful to include leadership bios whenever you can, since your team’s years of experience can serve as a solid reputation even if you’ve just opened.



With these four tips in your pocket, you’re ready to put your credit union’s name out into the world—just in time for the #ilovemycreditunion social media blitz happening on July 30th. Use the resources here, and if you ever need help with a rebrand or refresh, ReVive by Triad is ready to collaborate.


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