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In-House Sales Agents

Our design team and in-house sales agents understand the importance of specifying the appropriate bank equipment for your location and customer needs—both now and with flexibility for the future.

We have authorized sales agents in-house so you can be confident that they are up-to-date with the latest in banking equipment, as well as knowledgeable about what the future holds.

Our partnership with Diebold Nixdorf

NES Group has been an authorized Sales Agent of Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated since 2011.

Self-Service Terminals

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

In Line Teller Machines (ITLs)

Physical Security

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Designing for Today and Tomorrow

We invite you to explore our featured projects.

Integrated Security Group (ISG)

NES Group has been an authorized Sales Agent of Integrated Security Group since 2015.

Fire Systems, Video Surveillance, Alarm Systems, Access Systems.

Sneeze/Cough Guards

The Coronavirus has already made a huge impact on the way branches are run today. Team NES has a solution to help keep your staff safe and protected now, or be prepared for when your lobby opens up.

In an effort to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, our team has created a design and partnered with a manufacturer to offer custom-made sneeze/cough guards. These guards are Plexiglas dividers for your pods, teller lines, and desks. The guard helps create a see-through barrier, with a cutout to pass papers, between your customer or member and the teller in case someone coughs or sneezes. They are lightweight and easy to move around but most of all, your staff will be thankful to have them. Client feedback on these guards has been great. Their staff feels much safer while remaining open for business.

We know not all teller lines, pods and offices are the same. Take a look at our worksheets so we can custom-build them for you.

These guards are simple to clean, follow our cleaning guide here.

Let’s  Achieve
Your Project Goals

Let’s  Achieve
Your Project Goals