Leveraging Technology to Create the Best Branch Experience

Financial institutions have experienced a lot of change in the past two years. The pandemic has undoubtedly shifted consumer behavior, how people interact with banks and credit unions, and why they visit their local branches. All aspects of the branch are essential — how it appears and its accessibility, the functionality for consumers who come to visit it, and the branch staff who tie it all in to ensure a satisfying branch visit.

With the rapid increase of digital transactions and online banking, banks and credit unions can’t overlook the benefits of deploying the right technology to make their branch omnichannel. Not every branch needs the same level of technology — it depends on the location and the needs of the surrounding demographics. Still, banks and credit unions should consider the increase in demand for digital self-service banking when integrating technology in order to create the best in-branch experience.

So what do we suggest for deploying in-branch technology to create a convenient, memorable, and satisfying visit for your local customers/members?

Full-Service ATMs

Full-service ATMs bridge the physical and digital ecosystems with access to various financial services for consumers visiting for convenience, allowing them to deposit a check, get cash, or check their account. These units provide unmatched versatility and integrate seamlessly into your branch environment, whether in the lobby, drive-up, or a vestibule area,

These ATMs within drive-ups are incredibly well-received as they offer the dependability and 24/7 access your consumers are guaranteed to appreciate. Drive-up units will transform your drive-thru lane and free your branch staff to engage more deeply with consumers.

DCU Federal Credit Union’s vestibule welcomes members with 24/7 access.


Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) with Video

ITMs offer the same transaction functionalities as a full-service ATM but take it one step further with teller-access capabilities through video. With ITMs, a real person is available with just the touch of a button, giving consumers access to more specialized services. This state-of-the-art technology not only meets consumers’ modern expectations but also allows you to evolve your branch strategy by optimizing staff and extending service hours.

Cityscapes wrap City of Boston Credit Union’s ITMs, with a nod to the
location’s original Northeastern University heritage. 


Digital Signage

Digital signage enhances the in-branch experience with on-screen marketing communications that educate consumers and promotes products and services. It’s a significant improvement from brochures, posters, and general signs with the ability to refresh content as needed. Vibrant and well-designed digital signage that is thoughtfully executed can help create a brand-consistent experience.

Digital signage also offers the option to add digitally activated creative concepts with an augmented reality experience that will take your branch to the next level. Web-based or app-based augmented reality is ideal for taking your marketing campaigns even further for account openings or inquiries, mobile app downloads, and more of your business goals.

Dedham Savings Bank’s large digital signage within the waiting area speaks boldly.


Discovery Zone with Touch-screens

In many of the branches we’ve designed recently, we’ve altered the traditional waiting area with comfy chairs and a coffee station into an interactive, engaging area where customers/members can explore more products and services. Some of the older generations may not exactly know how to use mobile banking, so a tablet with your mobile app downloaded on it, provides the perfect opportunity to show them how to use it.

HFCU iPad Station & Signage

Hanscom Federal Credit Union’s iPad stations with a sleek and modern design.


Knowledgeable Staff to Drive the Adoption

Technology within itself can be an excellent tool to help drive engagement and broaden the consumer touchpoint. However, technology can become a communication barrier without a knowledgeable and well-trained staff behind it to help drive and integrate it. Sure, the self-service equipment will free up some staff, but what about the consumers who don’t know how to operate those machines? That’s where having a branch staff that is universally trained becomes essential. Focusing your attention on making your employees experts on all technology items ensures an easier adoption by consumers of new technology components.

To create a branch experience that will leave your customers/members feeling accomplished and valued, banks and credit unions must ensure their spaces and staff are equipped with the proper technology. The ability to provide your branch visitors with access to more financial services, education, and engagement will reshape your branch experience.