A Community-Centric Branch Experience

Watertown, CT

2,900 sq. ft.

By embracing the local community, designing for engagement, and integrating advanced technology, Ion Bank’s refreshed location in Watertown provides customers with an elevated branch experience.

Recognizing the evolving needs of their customers, Ion Bank has been revitalizing and expanding their branch network with their new branch standards that were put into place in 2018. With their Watertown branch up next, Ion opted to relocate just half a mile down the road to a space better suited for their current and future needs.

We began the project with thorough planning—ensuring this location would align with Ion’s vision of a forward-thinking banking experience while staying true to their community-oriented roots. Construction for the existing building consisted of a complete fit-up of flooring, millwork, ceilings, finishes, and upgrades of all building systems.

With every element thoughtfully considered, environmental graphics inspired by the Ion brand grace the space providing an alluring customer journey while capturing the surrounding community of Watertown. Behind the teller pod, a larger-than-life mural combines recognizable local landmarks with meaningful pieces representing the community, like the Mountain Laurel – Connecticut’s state flower.

By displaying hanging photo collages, each office has its own unique theme connecting emotion and personalization. One of the collages represents the changing seasons in New England, while another showcases significant life stages, and the last features small businesses supported by Ion Bank. The conference room has a vibe of its own, with a sepia-toned vintage map of Watertown on one side and historical photos on the other.

Seamlessly blending convenience, community, and contemporary design, this refreshed branch stands as a testament to Ion Bank’s unwavering commitment to their customers and the community they serve. We’re proud to have provided the design, architecture, branding, and project management for our long-standing partners.