Transforming for a Positive Banking Experience


Northborough, MA

2,562 sq. ft.

Adopting innovation and customer-centricity, Avidia Bank recently embarked on a mission to bring the future of banking to every corner of their branch network. With Northborough next on their list, Avidia turned to NES Group for a branch transformation.

Construction for this project consisted of a complete fit-up of ceilings, finishes, and upgrades to building systems, with temporary measures to separate the new space from the old space, allowing Avidia to stay open and operational throughout the project.

Shifting from the traditional branch style with a teller line, Avidia opted for a pod-style branch model, allowing fluid customer interaction. The customer journey begins with an open lobby with a waiting area equipped with contemporary furniture and lighting, a two-station teller pod, private offices, and a drive-through. With the additional offices, Avidia’s employees can provide customers with tailored solutions—guiding them through their financial journeys.









Designed with the customer experience top of mind, this refreshed branch is vibrant and lively with a branded journey that leaves a lasting impression. Our design team created a space that represents their brand through bright finishes, contemporary furniture and lighting, and marketing that ties it all together.

By embracing modern design, technology, personalization, and community engagement, this newly redesigned branch is a testament to Avidia’s dedication to consistency and innovation. Team NES is thrilled to be a part of Avidia’s transformation journey.