A Journey to a Modern, Open Workspace


Mansfield, MA

8,743 sq. ft.

Recognizing the need for change, our company recently embarked on a transformative journey to renovate our traditional office space into a modern, open, collaborative workspace. 

Renovating your workplace is a lot like renovating your home. With so many important decisions to make, it can be stressful – especially if you’re living through it or, in this case, working through it. Things are messy, you can’t find anything, and you don’t want to get in the way of construction. At the same time, it’s also interesting to see each day’s progress and know that you get to live with the result – which truly makes it all worth it.

Embracing Change

As we set out on this endeavor, our primary goal was to create a functional, versatile workspace that not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also nurtures a culture of openness and collaboration. We wanted to move away from the conventional cubicle-centric layout to a more open design that encourages interaction, creativity, and flexibility.

The Planning Phase

The first step in our renovation journey involved meticulous planning. We collaborated with our team of architects and designers to gather insights and ideas for the new space. Considering the diverse wants and needs of the entire staff, we challenged the team to submit a mood board full of inspirational images and color schemes illustrating their vision for the future home of NES Group. This really got the team’s creativity flowing, and our designers’ discovered elements from each board to incorporate in some way.

Breaking Down Walls

With three existing office spaces being combined into a single space, the most significant change in our renovation involved breaking down physical barriers. Traditional walls and cubicles were replaced with open workstations and dedicated breakout areas, fostering a sense of unity and transparency.

Our New Space

With 8,743 square feet of open space, our transformed office has a conference room, boardroom, private offices, an expanded employee lounge, and open work areas adaptable for future growth. Recognizing the importance of versatility, we also incorporated multiple collaboration breakout areas. These areas serve as flexible zones for team meetings, informal discussions, or even solo work when a quieter environment is needed. The adaptability of these spaces ensures that our employees have the freedom to choose the setting that best suits their task at hand.

We also upgraded the materials library, providing ample space for the interior design team to specify project finishes with additional organization. And when it’s time to take a break, we have a shuffleboard/bowling table and the NES Par Three – a small putting green that is also perfect for working on your short game.

The Inspiring Environment

Our interior designers created an energizing and modern environment by implementing a balance of color, texture, and functionality with thoughtfully curated materials. In addition to the material palette, the selection of ancillary products, such as decorative lighting, furnishings, and greenery, ties the space together to create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. The reimagined office design ensures employees feel motivated and inspired while working in a dynamic and spirited environment.

Continuing the creativity, our marketing team captured the essence of the NES brand through environmental graphics and visual elements, creating a cohesive experience the moment you walk through the door. A striking feature as you enter our revamped office is the ‘discover the advantage’ wall – a visually impactful showcase of our company’s identity. This dynamic mural seamlessly blends one of our taglines with vibrant imagery representing our core values. The use of bold typography and carefully chosen colors communicates our brand identity and sets a tone of creativity and innovation.

Additionally, our boardroom has a larger-than-life customized mural created by Julie Borden, a local painter whose one-of-a-kind work has also been featured in some of our clients’ branches. Filled with recognizable landmarks from across New England and New York, the mural pays homage to the states where we operate.

A Positive Outcome

Since the completion of our office renovation, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation in our company culture. The open and modern environment has facilitated outstanding communication, enhanced teamwork, and sparked a surge in creativity.

Our journey to a more open and modern workspace reflects our dedication to encouraging communication and collaboration within our organization. By breaking down physical and metaphorical barriers, embracing technology, and prioritizing employee wellbeing, we have created an environment that not only meets the needs of our workforce but drives us into a future of continued success and growth.

As we celebrate this milestone, we are excited about the endless possibilities that our revitalized workspace will bring to our company.