Santander’s New Branch in Downtown Wakefield, MA

500 Main Street, Wakefield, MA

2,330 sq. ft.

We’re pleased to share a look inside Santander’s newest branch on Main Street in downtown Wakefield, MA. Designed by our in-house architects, this 2,330 square foot branch, built from the ground up, replaces Santander’s existing location down the road with a more modern, open, and inviting atmosphere.


The vibrant storefront with its clear view of the ATM help makes the branch distinct and hard to miss while driving down the busy Main Street—a vast improvement from the existing location. The design for this new space evolved from the Gensler-inspired Santander prototype branch and is comprised of a spacious lobby with high ceilings, a teller bar, a waiting area, private offices, and an employee lounge/pantry. Additionally, off to the side of the lobby is a nook with ancillary furniture for more collaborative and casual interactions. The elevated ceilings provide even more of an open feel with abundant natural light that shines through on a nice sunny day. With the 24/hour ATM and drive-through, customers have multiple options to make their transactions—which is ideal for such a busy area.